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The Innovative, Bulletproof Online Program To Gain Weight With Guaranteed Results

Gaining weight is not easy—but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right strategy, you can make the process a lot easier and fun. We’e already helped more than 10,000 users transform their bodies and lives. Will YOU be our next success story?

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Are you at the right place?

If You Always Fail To Gain Weight, It’s NOT Your Fault

But it’d be your fault if you don’t look for a solution and just try to “live with it”. Our solution works even for people with the hardest cases. And if you can relate for the following questions, let us help you change your life.

  • Have you tried to eat a lot more, yet you still can’t gain a single pound?
  • Is being skinny make you feel weak, insecure, and not confident in yourself?
  • Do you feel lonely because nobody could understand your struggle and they never take it seriously?
  • Do you want to finally gain weight, and feel more attractive, confident, and healthier?
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We Help Men & Women

To Gain Weight & Get Their Dream Body

Men Benefits

As A Man You Will...
  • Gain weight and get stronger
  • Build bigger arms, ripped ABS, wide masculine shoulders and chest
  • Feel more powerful, be more confident, and have more energy

Women Benefits

As A Woman You Will...
  • Gain weight and get more sexy curves
  • Build a bikini body – attractive shapely legs with nice, thicker booty, and small waist
  • Feel stronger, healthier, sexier, and feel more confident in yourself

Get Everything You Need To Get Stronger

Build Your Dream Body, And Live A Healthier Life

Step-By-Step Video Guide

The GetStrong GamePlan

There’s a lot of worthless information on the internet that’s just a complete B.S. and won’t help you gain weight. With us, you’ll get a proven step-by-step plan and follow our secret 3-component system that already worked even in the most difficult cases. Everything is laid down to you in an easy-to-follow guide. You’ll know exactly what to do on each day, how and when.

Proven Nutrition Plan To Gain Weight 

Smart GetStrong Nutrition Concept

Gaining weight is not just about how much you eat, but also about eating the right things, at the right time. In this program, we have laid out a proven nutrition plan that shows you exactly what to eat, how much, and when. Everything’s designed for real life by a team of nutrition experts who understand your situation.

Smart Training System To Get Stronger

GetStrong Smart Training System

You don’t have to torture yourself training super hardcore. Our motto is: train smart, not hard. We’ll show you exactly what exercises that are the most effective to accelerate your weight gain process, build muscles, and get stronger. It doesn’t take a lot of time, too. And you can do it at home with no special equipment. All you need is your own body.

Planner & Checklist To Get Results

GetStrong Starter-Kit

Even million-dollar advice is worthless if no action was taken. That’s why we’ve prepared checklists to help you make sure you implement what you’ve learned from the program. Every day, you need to fill out these checklists to keep track of your progress, while holding yourself accountable to your goals. If you check all the points every day, success will be life-changing. Guaranteed.

You Are Not Alone

GetStrong Community

The biggest challenge with gaining weight is that nobody understands you and you always feel alone. But imagine if you join a community of like-minded people that are on the same journey and truly understand you. With GetStrong Challenge, we don’t just give you the system, we also give you access to our exclusive GetStrong Community to join with other members. Here, you can get motivation, inspiration, tips, and support from both our coaches and other members. In the GetStrong Challenge, everyone achieves their health and body goals, together.

Bonus One

Healthy Snack Lists

Gain access to a list of healthy snacks that can help you easily meet your calorie intake requirement and micronutrients. These snacks are cheap, easy, and fast to prepare. They will make gaining weight easier, and they’re so delicious—they could be your new favorite snacks.

Bonus Two

GetStrong Shakes

Gain weight faster with 10 shake recipes, created by our nutrition experts. Each shake contains around 1000 kcal which is a huge amount of calories. They’re tasty and super healthy. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare. Drink one each day and the result will blow you away.

Bonus Three

Tracker & Analysis

Practical tools to keep you on track to your dream body. With these tools, you’ll know the exact calorie requirements to achieve your target weight. You can keep track of your progress. And you’ll always know where you are at the moment, and where you’re going.

Bonus Four

Email Coaching

You’ll get 12 weeks of regular email coaching to keep you motivated throughout the whole journey. Motivation is the fuel for success. We will keep you motivated and make sure you will reach your goals. Let’s make it easier for you!

Your Success Is 100% Guaranteed

If you follow all the instructions for two weeks and don’t gain at least 2 pounds—most people gained even a lot more than in two weeks—we’ll refund your money back. The GetStrong Challenge has helped more than 10,000 people to finally gain weight and get their dream body. And it worked even for in the hardest cases. If you’d take action, it will change yours for the better, too. That’s why we’re willing to guarantee your success. Your risk is zero here. So, will you be our next success story?

My boyfriend and I both participated in this challenge because we were both very thin. My boyfriend saw the first results after a few weeks. It took about 2 months for me to really see the changes, but they were much more noticeable. Now, after 12 weeks, we are both extremely happy with ourselves and each other.

Ivana D.Woman

It’s very easy to find a program for weight loss, but I don’t know of any other program besides the GetStrong Challenge that specializes in weight gain. The way you have built this program is simply fantastic. I have achieved my dream body thanks to you and hope that many other people will also have the same experience with the GetStrong Challenge.

Sebastian B.Man

After completing the challenge, I understand what I did wrong before. I used to focus too much on nutrition or too much on training. To be successful in gaining weight, it is especially important to combine several aspects. And the step-by-step instructions in the GetStrong Challenge were of course extremely helpful!

Handrik L.Man

Real People. Real Transformation.

4.9 Overall Satisfaction Rating

Based on 100+ Reviews


We’ve been helping 10,000 people with impressive results. Some of them have been struggling for years, and yet our system works for them!


In just one month, 76% of our customers could gain 9 pounds! When you follow a proven system and get advice from experts, you’ll see results fast.


Our program is built for real results. That’s why 98% of members said that they’d recommend our program to their friends that are also struggling to gain weight.


87% of our members say they got a lot of compliments for the transformation. This will happen in your life soon after you start joining the GetStrong Challenge.


83% of our members said that they feel more confident and easier to socialize with friends and dating. And this could be one of the biggest benefits of joining the GetStrong Challenge.


100+ members leave 5-star ratings—you know that you’ll be in good hands when you choose to begin your transformation journey with us.

I have tried on more than 200 wedding dresses and was too thin for each one. In my desperation, I found this program. Three months later, the problem was solved – today I can say that I am completely satisfied with my figure and have found a beautiful and fitting wedding dress.

Victoria H.Woman, 29 years

Until about a year ago, I was literally too thin. I just couldn’t imagine anyone finding my body attractive. Then I heard about this program and thought, why not, it’s worth a try. Today I weigh 23 lbs more and even have a girlfriend. Thank you for making this possible.

Justin M.Man, 19 years

While there is a lot of good information available for free on the internet, the GetStrong Challenge provides a clear step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. After one week, I already felt better, after one month the difference was visible.

Natascha H.Woman, 37 years

Many people probably can’t imagine how many negative comments you get as a thin person every day… In retrospect, starting the challenge was the best decision of my life. Thank you that I now suddenly get compliments from people who were mean to me before.

Alexander F.Man, 31 years

This program not only worked physically, but also mentally. I not only weigh more, my self-confidence is stronger than ever and I have never been as disciplined as I am now. I am so glad that I learned about this program because it has changed my life very positively.

Silvana D.Woman, 34 years


Frequently Asked Questions

Find a quick answer to your question below. Can’t find your answer here? Then check the full FAQ page, read the documentation or open a support ticket. We are always here to help.

Is the Challenge suitable for me?

If you’re underweight and find it extremely challenging to gain weight, then you’re a good fit for this program. It worked even for people who thought they will never gain weight and are doomed to stay skinny forever. The program and the system has worked more than 10,000 people already. So it should work great for you, too.

To know for sure if it’s the right fit for you, you can use our free Weight-Gain Analysis tool.

What is the GetStrong Challenge?

The GetStrong Challenge is an online program to gain weight. When you join the program, you’ll get lifetime access to an online platform that you can access anytime and anywhere using any devices.

The heart of the program is a video course, which is kind of a step-by-step guideline. It reveals the wildly praised and proven GetStrong 3-Component system, and hands you the step-by-step instructions on Motivation, Nutrition, and Training.

What’s more, you will also get different planners and checklist to put everything into practice. If you check all the points every day, you’ll see amazing results.

Last but not least, the program also gives you access to the exclusive GetStrong Community, where you can get support, motivation, inspiration, and accountability from our coaches and other like-minded members.

To learn more about the course and take a sneak-peek preview of the program, please click here to check out a FREE 3-Part quick glance video, where we show how the program works in detail.

Why should I join the GetStrong Challenge?

Because you deserve to gain weigh, be healthier, and feel more confident in yourself. And the best way to do that is by joining a system that’s already proven to work for thousands of others.

In the GetStrong Challenge, we give you the system to achieve your health and body goals. We support you and invite you to join a community of like-minded people. We provide all the tools to simplify the process. Basically, everything you need to successfully gain weight.

If you’d like to find out more reasons why you should join the program, click here and check out a FREE 3-Part quick glance video, where we show how the program works in detail.

How much weight can I gain with the GetStrong Challenge?

It’d be different for every person. It depends on so many things, including your fitness level, any conditions you might have, and how you implement all instruction. However, 9 lbs per month are very realistic and achievable. Some of our members could even gain more than that.

To find out when you would probably reach your target weight, feel free to use our free Weight-Gain Analysis tool.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we do offer a money-back guarantee. You can go through the program for two weeks and see if it really works for you. If after two weeks you don’t get at least 2 lbs, show us your progress so that we know you went through the program, and we’ll give you a refund.

Anyway, we’re so confident this program will work for you (if you follow all the instructions), we don’t expect a single refund.

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