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I have tried so many options to get fit. I have also bought several fitness programs, but I was never motivated enough to stick with them. But since I started the challenge, I have finally been able to stay disciplined. You get coaching emails and many checklists for nutrition and training – that has really helped me. I can recommend this challenge to anyone who wants to finally achieve their desired figure.

Mike L.

Man, 27 years

My husband has been severely underweight and has been trying unsuccessfully to get stronger for a long time. In the past, he has often tried to put together a workout on his own, but unfortunately he saw no results. Then I stumbled upon an article about this challenge and gave it to him for his birthday. That was 3 months ago and the difference is already extremely noticeable. Thank you <3

Lisa Z.

Woman, 33 years

My name is Jonathan. I did the challenge for 4 months and gained 10 lbs in that time. However, because I had a big goal, I decided to book the VIP coaching as well. It was fun to work personally with a coach. I was able to maximize my success even more. After an additional three months, I gained another 11 lbs. Although the VIP coaching is not required, I believe it is worth every penny.

Jonathan S.

Man, 29 years

Hello, my name is Sarah and I wanted to give feedback on the GetStrong Challenge. I started this challenge about a month ago and I have to say that it has already been worth every penny. You even receive regular emails with helpful tips and the checklists help you correctly implement all the nutrition and training tips. So far, I’ve gained 7 lbs! Thank you.

Sarah A.

Woman, 42 years

Hello, my name is Kevin and I am 37 years old. Where do I begin? It’s absolutely unbelievable… the GetStrong Challenge has definitely changed my life. I gained about 25 lbs in 10 weeks. There is a detailed step-by-step guide and there was a lot of support in implementing all the important factors (training, nutrition, and motivation) perfectly. I also recommended it to two of my buddies, who are also totally thrilled.

Kevin K.

Man, 37 years

I used to be very shy and honestly, I would never have dared to go topless on the beach because I was very, very thin. When I started the challenge, I gained about 20 lbs in 2 months. It’s unbelievable! Now I feel strong and confident. Of course, self-worth should not depend on appearance, but I feel better than ever before. I never expected such a big improvement in such a short time. Thank you 🙂

Eva M.

Woman, 21 years

Many people probably can’t imagine how many negative comments you get as a thin person every day… I was just tired of it, I wanted to change something. After a short search on the internet, I found the GetStrong Challenge. I don’t want to flatter but for me it was love at first sight. Even in retrospect, it was sincerely the best decision of my life. I am now a different person, both in appearance and mindset. I want to thank you very much that I now suddenly get compliments from people who were mean to me before.


Man, 31 years

I am 50 years old and weigh 86 lbs. Yes, you heard right, I am an adult man and weigh as much as a young boy in 8th grade. I have tried so many options to try to gain weight and after months of hard work, there were still no results. I naturally always felt even worse. It was an absolute nightmare. When I joined the GetStrong Challenge, it helped me with the right guidance on training and nutrition. I learned that it is especially important for several factors to work together and not just nutrition or training. I can wholeheartedly recommend this challenge to anyone who is too thin and wants to change their life. I gained about 45 lbs in 5 months. Thank you very much.

Hugo C.

Man, 50 years

I used to be thin and weak. I often felt listless and tired, which led me to be lazy. When my ex-boyfriend signed me up for this challenge, my life completely changed. The video guide taught me everything I needed to know. The community group helped me a lot to quickly clarify any questions and exchange with like-minded people often gave me strength. After a month, I gained 11 lbs, after three months I reached my goal of 23 lbs. All thanks to the GetStrong Challenge (and my ex-boyfriend who signed me up there).

Anastasia K.

Woman, 35 years

I have tried so many things, but it never really worked. Upon discovering and completing the GetStrong Challenge, I am overjoyed and finally feel good about myself. This program is extremely helpful for individuals looking to gain weight and/or build muscle – it has been a true gamechanger for me. I am grateful to the entire GetStrong Challenge team for helping me feel confident in my own body. Thank you!

Peter V.

Man, 29 years

Hello everyone, I am Alexis and I want to share my experiences with the GetStrong Challenge today. My best friend recommended that I try this program after he had successfully gained weight with it. However, I was very thin and ashamed to go out with friends if I had to wear lighter clothing. This GetStrong Challenge has changed my life incredibly. My body looks great and I now feel confident and comfortable. Thank you to ALL who are part of the GetStrong Challenge, thank you for making this possible!

Alexis L.

Woman, 41 years

Before, my life looked like this: wherever I went, people around me would make fun of me. There were comments like “Watch out for the wind, don’t fly away”. I was of course often very hurt and inwardly angry. Especially because I thought I couldn’t do anything about it and was doomed to be trapped in this situation forever. After a particularly mean comment, one night I searched the internet for a solution. That’s how I discovered the GetStrong Challenge and since then EVERYTHING has changed.

William T.

Man, 39 years

No matter how small I bought my clothes, they looked bad on me. Before the GetStrong Challenge, I hated myself and my body and I hated going out. With the help of the GetStrong Challenge, I have gained 22 lbs and now I feel great. I had to completely redress myself and I now enjoy shopping and feel attractive and confident. Many people don’t realize how valuable it is to feel comfortable in your own skin. Thank you to the entire GetStrong Challenge team. I can only recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain weight. 🙂

Julia T.

Woman, 28 years

The GetStrong Challenge is an extremely helpful program. While there is a lot of good information available for free on the internet, the GetStrong Challenge provides a clear step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. This helped me to gain weight quickly. After one week, I already felt better, after two weeks there was a change on the scale, and after one month the difference was visible.

Natascha H.

Woman, 37

Hello, my name is Justin and I am 24 years old. Until about a year ago, I was literally too thin. It was very difficult for me to approach girls because I lacked self-confidence. I just couldn’t imagine anyone finding my body attractive. I started working on myself. I tried to eat a lot because I thought I would be able to gain weight that way. It didn’t work though. Then I heard about this program and thought, why not, it’s worth a try. Today I weigh 23 lbs more and even have a girlfriend. Thank you for making this possible.


Man, 19 years

If you have trouble gaining weight, you should definitely try the GetStrong Challenge. I have experienced firsthand how this program can help you achieve your dream figure. During my transformation, I also met many other people in the GetStrong Challenge community who have gained weight extremely successfully. I wasn’t even aware before how many other people besides me have difficulty gaining weight.

Noah I.

Man, 42 years

In the last 4 weeks, I gained 12 lbs. Although I have been trying to gain weight for about 7 years, I have NEVER been as successful as in the last 4 weeks. This was made possible by the GetStrong Challenge. I was really happy about it because I had already tried almost everything. I signed up at the gym, tried training plans there, ate a lot, tried shakes, and even tried tablets that were supposed to stimulate appetite… Nothing worked until I tried this challenge. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.

Lana R.

Woman, 36 years

This program has completely changed my life. I just wanted a few more pounds to feel healthier. Now I not only feel healthier, but also much more attractive. It has helped me get beautiful body curves. The nutrition guidelines and the training program are easy to follow and even fun. I would recommend this program to anyone who, like me, wants to gain a few kilos but has difficulties doing so.

Olivia S.

Woman, 23 years

I first purchased the Challenge and then quickly decided to also buy the VIP membership. This gave me an additional personal coach who did weekly video coaching sessions with me. To be honest, my problem was always my discipline. With the regular coaching appointments, I was practically forced to give it my all and implement everything perfectly every week. I could also clarify any questions I had quickly and directly. It was a great service and worth every cent.

Maximilian L.

Man, 44 years

I am 26 years old and until recently, I always bought my clothes in the children’s section because size XS for women was often still too big for me. No matter what I wore, it always looked weird and too big. Then I learned about the GetStrong Challenge and decided to give it a try. Within a few months, I was able to wear size S (sometimes even M) for women very well. I finally feel like a real woman and am now proud of my figure. Thank you to the GetStrong Challenge for this great program 🙂

Sophie W.

Woman, 26 years

After completing the challenge, I understand what I did wrong before. I used to focus too much on nutrition or too much on training. To be successful in gaining weight, it is especially important to combine several aspects. And the step-by-step instructions in the GetStrong Challenge were of course extremely helpful!

Hendrik L.

Man, 56 years

This program not only worked physically, but also mentally. My self-confidence is stronger than ever and I have never been as disciplined as I am now. I not only weigh more, but have also built a beautiful basic muscle mass. I am so glad that I learned about this program because it has changed my life very positively.

Silvana D.

Woman, 34 years

It’s very easy to find a program for weight loss, but I don’t know of any other program besides the GetStrong Challenge that specializes in weight gain. The way you have built this program is simply fantastic. I have achieved my dream body thanks to you and hope that many other people will also have the same experience with the GetStrong Challenge.

Sebastian B.

Man, 22 years

I can recommend this program to any person who wants to gain weight quickly and healthily. You get a nutrition concept and a home training plan. However, there are many other supports and extras, so I would describe it as a complete fitness SYSTEM. After a month, I already feel some changes and my surroundings have already noticed my progress. It can’t be denied, this challenge works.

Benjamin F.

Man, 47 years

I’m a total summer person. I love going to the beach with friends and family. Unfortunately, I have never dared to wear a bikini because I was very unhappy with my body. I was so thin. I always felt that everyone around me was laughing at me. I started looking for information about gaining weight on the internet, and I inevitably stumbled upon the GetStrong Challenge. I was quickly convinced by the system and wanted to try it out. And you know what? It worked so well!!! I love my new body.

Zoe P.

Woman, 38 years

I used to hate seeing myself shirtless in the mirror. I wanted to become muscular and strong since I was 14/15 years old to get more self-confidence. Unfortunately, this never really worked for me, no matter what I tried. People always just told me to eat more. At some point, I even thought I should stop training because it burns calories… To be honest, I just didn’t really know how gaining weight and building muscle really works. The GetStrong Challenge taught me everything I needed to know to achieve my goal. In addition, I received a comprehensive system and a step-by-step guide with many supports. Suddenly, it was almost impossible for me NOT to succeed. Plus 20 lbs in 12 weeks, I think, speaks for itself. THANK YOU.

Sam C.

Man, 25 years

I was already too thin in my school days, but thought this problem would resolve itself over time. However, unfortunately, this problem persisted after school. This also had a certain impact on my personal development. Due to my dissatisfaction with myself, I withdrew and focused only on myself – I avoided parties and certain events with friends. The reason for this was my fear of standing out negatively with my too thin body. At some point, I knew I had to change something to lead a normal and beautiful life. The GetStrong Challenge brought the turnaround, and now I am happy with my body, go out more often, enjoy my life, and am also perceived differently by men.

Stella N.

Man, 23 years

I had one goal and one wish for several years. I wanted to get into an absolutely outstanding physical shape. I made some minor progress from time to time, but it was too irregular and fluctuating for me. The GetStrong Challenge helped me get my dream body in a period that I wouldn’t have thought possible. One thing I learned is that if you have a big goal, you have to love the journey… and that’s exactly what the GetStrong Challenge team makes possible.

Thomas T.

Man, 32 years

I have always been grateful for the life I lead. Everything is great and I could be happy, but there is one problem. I feel unattractive even with my thin body. Even if you think “well, you can just accept this one thing and still be satisfied”, it’s not that simple in reality. On the contrary, because there is only this one thing that absolutely bothers me, I think about it even more. That’s how it was until I discovered this program. Now I have to find a new problem because I am no longer too thin and I no longer feel unattractive.

Julia K.

Woman, 21 years

Hello, my name is Emilie and today I am a successful model and love my life as it is today. Two years ago, it was different… I was very thin and looked too skinny. Then I learned about this program and decided to try it out. It helped me gain a few pounds and live healthier. As a result, I have more power, more energy, and attractive body curves today. It was absolutely worth it.

Emily G.

Woman, 28 years

Unfortunately, I have not had a nice time behind me. I have been ridiculed and annoyed in my life, often because of my body directly OR because I often withdrew due to lack of self-confidence and was more of a loner. Although I really like being with people, I felt safer withdrawing from everything and everyone… The reason for this was my severe underweight. There are as many weight loss programs as there are sand on the beach, but not weight gain programs. I am therefore glad that I accidentally found the GetStrong Challenge and went through it.

Jonas Y.

Man, 36 years

If you want to gain weight successfully and in a healthy way, you should definitely try the GetStrong Challenge. This program explains a comprehensive system for gaining weight. Everything is taken into account and a solution is provided for every problem. Since it has been extremely worthwhile for me, I can only warmly recommend it to you.

David N.

Man, 45 years

My boyfriend and I both participated in this challenge because we were both very thin. My boyfriend saw the first results after a few weeks. It took about 2 months for me to really see the changes, but they were much more noticeable. Now, after 12 weeks, we are both extremely happy with ourselves and each other.

Ivana D.

Woman, 37 years

People who used to make fun of me have started giving me compliments. I’ve even gotten a six-pack, which my girlfriend is happy about too 🙂 THANKS to the GetStrong Challenge.

Alexander S.

Man, 18 years

I had always been too thin and eventually lost hope of changing that. In the past, I avoided hanging out with my best friends because they were all gym-going guys with solid upper bodies. Between them, I looked even thinner and this was often pointed out to me negatively by outsiders. My brother told me about this challenge and we did it together. It was a lot of fun and I am now in great shape. In 10 weeks, I gained 15 lbs. Best regards and THANK YOU.

Paolo R.

Man, 23 years

I was too thin to fit into any of the dresses I tried on six months before my wedding. Normally I already buy many of my clothes in children’s sizes because they fit better. Unfortunately, there are no children’s sizes for wedding dresses 🙁 My future husband suggested this program to me. Three months later, the problem was solved – today I can say that I am completely satisfied with my figure and have found a beautiful and fitting wedding dress. I can’t wait and am really looking forward to it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Victoria H.

Woman, 29 years

I am a vegetarian, have always had a thin body type and could not build muscles. I even went to the gym and started eating non-vegetarian food because I thought it was the problem, but nothing worked. Then I decided to visit my doctor to rule out any health issues. He was also surprised because he had not had a case like mine before. I started surfing the internet to find a solution and came across this program that completely changed my life. Thank you to the GetStrong Challenge, you have changed my life.

James T.

Man, 35 years

I would recommend this program to anyone who, like me, was underweight and ashamed to go out or wear their favorite clothes. Now I know that all you need is this weight gain system, some patience and perseverance, and then BAM: problem solved and finally a figure to be proud of.

Francesca B.

Woman, 33 years

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